A visual exploration of progressive atrophy. A study in how microscopic changes often go unnoticed, but amass over time. Even when these changes become drastic, we sometimes fail to realize anything has happened at all.
Image Description
In this piece, the process of red ink mixed with soap drying in a petri dish is captured through a macro lens over the span of 4 minutes. In the beginning of the film, the red ink washes across much of the frame, forming a shape in the middle that resembles a human heart. As the film progresses, the paint slowly dries, and begins to form a pattern against the bright white background - an animation light board. The pattern resembles a birds eye view of a river system. By the end of the piece, the paint has dried even more, such that the red rivers that form the pattern almost appear to have ‘dried up’, as has the heart shaped form in the center.

There’s a subtle audio track on the piece that is most effectively heard (and felt) via a theater sound system—at home, I recommend using headphones. The audio is a single sine tone that fades in, and then out, very slowly over the 4 minutes and 20 seconds of the film. Though it’s subtle, and almost imperceptible, like the changes in the film’s visuals, when played in a theater setting, the sound can be felt through the floor at its peak volume.

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