theCOOP UXR Program
Developed and led a research program from the ground up for an edTech start-up’s cross-functional engineering & product teams.
Client: theCOOP
Team: Michelle Miles, Cynthia Hopper 
Role: Lead UX Researcher
What is theCOOP?
theCOOP is an accelerator program focused on helping bootcamp graduates break in to the engineering and design field faster by providing them with real-world experience working on real-work products.
My Role
When I joined theCOOP, there wasn't an active research program. Since my focus is on UXR, I decided to kick-start the start up's research efforts and build the program from the group up—from recruitment and building a CRM and user base, to developing a collaborative project backlog, a research sprint boardguided generative and evaluative research project plans, and an insight repository, to facilitating workshops and weekly stand-ups.
This project is still underway, to learn more—contact me!
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